How Do I Start Playing? gives you the ability to set up and join fantasy leagues against other fantasy managers for free or for real cash.  You can pick and manage as many teams as you like, and a season can last for as short as one day.

1. Register as manager or log in

Registering as a manager at FantasyBet is completely free, and we offer a range of free to play contests with very real prizes.

2. Add funds (optional)

If you want to compete for cash against other managers you will have to deposit funds into your account.

3. Join or create a game

You can set up your own game or join games created by other managers. At FantasyBet you can add a variety of twists to the game. Feel free to explore the advanced menu, or set up a quick game with standard rules.

4. Pick your team

It’s managing time! Who will your starting eleven be?

5. Follow your team

As soon as the game is underway, you can check your opponents’ teams from the games menu. Points are updated live during matches, using official Opta data.

6. Instant payouts

Your winnings become instantly available to you.

How Long is a game at FantasyBet?

That is up to you, you can chose the length you want in the game finder or when you create a new game.

Gameweek Games

Gameweek games is what makes FantasyBet special. Every gameweek is a new season, and you can enter an unlimited number of teams into games against other managers. You can even limit the number of matches to as little as one, especially handy if you want to add some excitement to a Monday night match. Transfers are not applicable to gameweek games.

Full season

The full season game is the classic fantasy game where you pick your team at the start of the season and manage your squad ever week through selling and buying players, rotating your squad as you like.

How do I create a game for only myself and my friends?

When creating your contest, make sure you select the “Invite Only” option. After the game is created, you can invite whoever you want through e-mail, facebook, twitter or by using a unique game code others must enter in order to participate in your contest.

What will happen if no one joins the game I have created?

If no one enters your contest before the game deadline, the contest will be voided, and all funds returned to your account.

What are the player list/draft options?

FantasyBet offer three different variations of games that limit the number of players available to the manager for selection. The games are: Shared List, Unique List and Lucky List. Each of the games restricts the number of eligible players to 60.

These squad selections are options to using a classic Full List of players, where all players are available for selection.

The system will generate the Random List player selection based on an algorithm that ensures a mix of big point scorers and less prolific players. The list of players each manager receives is private until kick-off. The exception is the Set List games, in which the 60 players are identical for all managers.

Random List Games are only available for single gameweek games. Random List games are available in Flash mode.

How are the players available to me selected in Shared List, Unique List and Lucky List?

Shared List, Unique List and Lucky List use an algorithm that ensures a balance between star players and rotation players. No one will be left with only a bunch of benchwarmers, and no one will be gifted with only key players.

What is the Flash Mode?

Flash mode is an option available for certain games at FantasyBet. When Flash Mode is applied to a game, all participating managers have three minutes to select and submit their team. The clock will start counting down immediately when the player list has been revealed to the manager.

If the manager has not completed the team when the clock reaches zero, the system will automatically complete the squad selection for the manager. The system will use the auto-complete algorithm. If no valid team can be auto-completed, a new team is generated automatically.

When playing a Flash Mode game, teams are locked for changes when the team has been submitted or once the three minutes has expired.

Can I create contests that lasts more than one gameweek?

Yes. When creating your game, you can choose the duration of your game. You can also chose a limited number of matches in a gameweek.

How can I restrict the number of entries in a game?

When creating a game you can restrict the number of entries under the Game Availability option. If you don’t want to put a cap on the number of entries, you simply select unlimited in the game creation option.

Why can I choose more than one entrant for my Head to Head league?

When creating a head to head league you have the option to add multiple players to the league. By doing this you will play against each manager in the same gameweek with the exact same team.

Note:  All of those listed in the head to head league will only be playing against you and not each other.

What are the Advanded Options?

When creating a new game, you can apply more specific sets of rules to your game by clicking advanced options in the create game menu. The following advanced rules are available:

  • Custom set budget, including no budget.
  • No captains and vice-captains.
  • Exclusions by: Player, Club and Value.



Why should I play at

Since there is no season long commitment, you can play whenever you want. Not playing a week won’t affect any of your games, unless you play a traditional, season long game. You can play against your friends and family, or you can play in publicly available games against people from all around.

Can I play traditional fantasy games at

Yes. We offer the traditional, well-known games that last the entire season. These games are available both for free and real money.

I have forgotten my login details.

From the login page, click “forgot password” to reset your password. A temporary password will be sent to your registered e-mail. Be sure to change this once you’ve logged in. If you do not receive this e-mail, be sure to check your spam-folder before contacting our support.

I am under 18. Can I still play

Unfortunately, no. You have to be 18 years old to play at for real money. However, we welcome you back whenever you are of age.

Gambling is not permitted in my country, can I still play at

Yes, since is not located  in your country you can play as much as you like.


How are the scores calculated?

See the Scoring System for a breakdown on how the scores are being calculated.

What happens if a fixture is called off or postponed?

If the postponed match is played within three days, it will be part of the game. If not, it will be removed from the game and players from these teams will be automatically substituted if the game allows subs, and set to zero otherwise. If the bundle is left with only one match, the wager will be cancelled and all funds refunded back to your account.

What happens if the Dubious goal committee changes a goal into an own goal?

This will not affect the scoring in any way. The final match statistics from Opta will be subject to final score calculations at

Can I change my team once I have entered a game?

Yes, as long as it is not a Flash Mode game, where you have a set amount of time to select and enter your team, you can make changes to your team until the game deadline.

Do I get to make transfers between gameweeks for longer lasting games?

For season long games, you get to do one free transfer every week. The free transfers can be saved between gameweeks up to a maximum of 4. Wilcards also apply. • For contest that lasts multiple gameweeks (but not an entire season), transfers cannot be done. (TBC). • Exceptions may apply, see game lobby for the game you are about to enter. (Promotions, Christmas specials etc.) • See gaming rules for additional information about transfers.

What happens if one of my players is sold to another league?

The player will still show up in your team until you take action and remove him.

All the games have finished playing, but the game status says it’s still in play. Why is this?

To make the score calculation as accurate as possible, we have to wait until the final statistics have been submitted. Since our provider is tracking the statistics manually, there can be some changes after the games have finished. In some cases, there can be some difficulties in setting the final scores, which could cause the contest to be settled the following day.