General rules

Deadlines for entry

The deadline for each game will be five minutes before the start of the first fixture within the competition you have entered. This does not apply for the Flash games, where the manager has 3 minutes to complete and submit the team after the contest is entered.

Final point calculation

Opta provides live statistics for all matches playable on FantasyBet. The statistics will then be used to calculate the points for each player. At times Premier League and Opta will revise their statistics after we have received the final submission of statistics from Opta. In these events, manager’s scores are not updated.

Tie Breaker Rules

In the case of a game where prizes cannot be shared, the following Tie Breaking rules will apply until a winner is found:

  • For tie breaking in single round games:
  • Highest total bench score.
  • Highest Captain score.
  • Highest Vice Captain score.
  • Lowest total team value (bench included).
  • Total number of goals scored by starting players.
  • Lowest number of conceded goals by starting defensive players (GK and DEF's).
  • Total bonus points in lineup (after subs).
  • Most points for a single player (bench players not included).
  • If none of the above establish a winner, a virtual coin toss will take place to determine a winner.
  • For tie breaking in multiple round games:
  • Highest score in a single gameweek (repeated until the highest gameweek score is found).
  • Fewest number of total transfers.


Payout structures

Payout structures vary dependent on each game. The payout structure is indicated clearly and a preview of the payout will be available when viewing the game. In general most payout structures will vary depending on the total number of entries.

Setting up your team


Unless the specific game states otherwise, you must always pick 15 players to your squad. The squad must consist of the following:

  • 2 goalkeepers
  • 5 defenders
  • 5 midfielders
  • 3 attackers

The total value of the squad cannot exceed the specified budget, which is set to 100M by default. The budget can be modified through the advanced settings when creating a contest. You may also use the auto-complete function to have the system automatically complete the player selection. You may make changes as you like after auto-completing the team.

Starting eleven

From your squad of 15, you must select your starting eleven. The following rules apply for the starting eleven:

  • 1 goalkeeper
  • Between 3 and 5 defenders
  • Between 3 and 5 midfielders
  • Between 1 and 3 attackers


The remaining of your 15-player squad will be placed on the substitutes bench, including your second goalkeeper. These players will be subject to automatic substitutions after the contest or gameweek has ended. Substitutions will be used if anyone in your starting eleven does not play during the contest or gameweek.

The outfield player substitutes must be prioritised for automatic substitutions. If the first substitute did not play, or the substitution will lead to an invalid formation, the next in line will be used instead.


By default, you must also select a captain for your team. This player will receive double points for each game he plays. You must also select a vice-captain, which will replace your selected captain if he doesn’t play. You can elect to play without a captain in the advanced settings in the game creator.


For all games with more than 2 matches, you may not select more than a total of three players from the same team. For contests with 2 matches, the maximum number of players from the same team is 5.

For games with only 1 match, you can select an unlimited number of players from any team.

The set budget can not be exceeded. By default, the budget is set to 100 million. If you want to increase or decrease your budget, you can do so by selecting the advanced options while creating a game. You may even remove the budget completely.

In the advanced option, found through the create game menu, you can apply more specific restrictions to your contest, like remove a specific player or team from the game.


Some games allow you to make player transfers between rounds/gameweeks. This means you can transfers players in and out of your team for other available players in that game. These games will explain those rules within their own game information page.


Some season long games will allow the use of a wildcard during specified periods. These games will explain those rules within their own game information page.