Fantasy Bet and its related sites offer you outstanding online entertainment by creating an enjoyable and safe online gaming platform.


We at Fantasy Bet acknowledge and agree that although most of the players play (gamble) at Fantasy Bet for pure entertainment only, there are few players who may lose control over their play. At Fantasy Bet we fully support and promote Responsible Gaming to ensure that you continue to enjoy safe and control play.


While playing keep following points in mind:

  • Online Gambling should only be considered as a mode of entertainment and not as a means to make money.
  • Always keep a good check on time and money spends on gambling.
  • Give priority to your usual activities or hobbies, like hanging out with friends or spending quality time with family.
  • Never gamble to recover your losses or to get out of your financial trouble.
  • Never ever borrow money, sell possessions or not paying bills in order to gamble.
  • Never lie or hide your gambling from your family and friends.


Always remember that the Services are for your personal entertainment. They are not meant to make you rich overnight, and there are no winning formulas. Make sure to budget your money and know the game rules. We urge you to review information available at and or similar websites so as to ensure you are gambling responsibly.


Self-exclusion and limits

If you find yourself crossing your budget, we offer measures in order to control your deposit limits, wager limits, loss limits and session limits. Deposit/wager/loss limits can be set with daily, weekly or monthly restrictions.

Any reduction in the limits will take effect immediately and any increase in the limits will take 24 hours before coming into effect. To increase the limits, you must contact the Customer Support Team at [email protected]

Moreover, we offer self-exclusion options. We also wish to draw your attention to the existence of software preventing an individual computer accessing online gambling websites such as or

If you feel like you need a break from gambling you can set a cooling off period until a set date using the gaming limits section of our site, or you can self-exclude yourself from the site entirely by closing your account permanently. You will not be able to access our site when your account is in a self-excluded state, or you have closed down your account. If you choose to self-exclude yourself from our gambling services, we also strongly suggest you do the same for other gambling sites where you have an account.

For any further assistance, please feel free to contact our support team at [email protected]


Username & Passwords

At FantasyBet we suggest every player to keep the Username and Password confidential and never share it with anybody. You are solely responsible for all the transactions and activities conducted in relation to your playing account with FantasyBet. Every player is identified by his/her login details. When a player enters his/her login details correctly, you are considered by us to be you only.


For any further assistance please feel free to contact our support team.